Monday, October 24, 2011

Second post!
Months passed after my first post.I will go on with sharing my new painting.Actually I was thinking to write another blog for my painting projects but I decided to write both photography and painting posts to this one.Here is my latest finished miniature work.I painted it with gouache.This one has a traditional miniature composition , which represents an imaginary village in a fairy and fabulous way. I hope I will share the detail images in another post and give some information about traditional miniature paintings.

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Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 13, 2011

To say hello


This is the first post of my blog..I'm very excited.I don't want to summarize what I will share here.I love surprises :)  Let me start with one of my photographs that I took in Turkey last summer.Species of this butterfly is Arethusana arethusa .It is a little miracle with only 2,2 cm wings.My model for this photo was a very curious one.In fact , he needs some salt and wants to take it from the sweat on our skin :) ....I love nature and I love butterflies.

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You can always contact me here and there.I love being a member of Etsy.Only missing thing about Etsy is you can't serve any cookies or drink to your guests :) But I hope you enjoy my photography instead..

Have a nice week!